Tại sao máy thử độ bền lại được gọi là máy thử nghiệm chung

The tensile testing machine can be used to test the tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling and other mechanical properties of non-metallic materials such as metal wire, rubber plastic, waterproof coiled material, wire and cable, and chemical fiber textile. The versatility of the tensile tester machine is mainly reflected in its more functions. Different tests can be done by adding different test aids. In addition, it can also be used for more materials by expanding the test space (increasing height and width). so the tensile testing machine also is called universal testing machine?

the tensile testing machine

Tensile strength test machine is composed of one or two vertical load-bearing columns and a liquid crystal display. The test method is to clamp the sample with the upper clamp and the lower clamp, one of the furniture is fixed, and the other clamp is moved up or down until the maximum value is recorded after breaking. And displacement, and then the tensile strength, shear strength, peel strength, yield strength, ring compression strength, tensile, compression, bending, tear, shear and other test load-bearing columns can be calculated by the software and installed on a fixed horizontal base , The top is an active horizontal beam. In most of today, the pillars are generally driven by lead screws to determine the position of the movable beam.